Did you just kill a guy with an appetizer?

I dunno. Maybe.

Eliot Spencer
27 June
Canon: Leverage / TV Show

Canon point of introduction: During season 2, following "The 3 Days of The Hunter Job".

Brief history: Not a lot is known about the early history of Eliot Spencer. It can be inferred from his own words that he made a promise both to his first love, Aimee, and "to the United States government" that he enlisted in some branch of the military at a young age. His bravery and competence helped him rise quickly through the ranks and soon found himself taking on dangerous special-ops missions. These lengthy, secret missions eventually caused the rift between him and his intended fiancee. He returned to the US on leave to find her married to another man. Afterward, he threw himself into his work and did not return to the States for years.

Following his career in the US military, he traveled the world, picking up a spectacular array of fighting skills, abilities, and experience. It was during this time that he discovered he had a natural talent for violence and crime. During his early criminal career, Eliot was not a nice man. He became a legendary 'wetwork' artist among the seediest of the criminal underworld, most notedly working for criminal mastermind Damien Moreau. Late in the 1990's, he had a change of heart and abandoned his assassination work for retrieval jobs.

There is a price on his head in three (or five, if you believe Jim Sterling) different foreign countries, including half a million dollars in Myanmar.

In 1999 Eliot obtained a Master Chef status from the Accademia Italiana della Cucina in Milan, Italy. Shortly thereafter, he returned to the US where he continued his retrieval work until 2008 when he agreed to a one-time job with a team headed by ex-insurance agent, Nathan Ford. The team successfully foiled a double-cross from their employer, landed a record breaking payout of 32 million dollars each, and, in the process, Eliot discovered he had a taste for bilking rich scumbags out of their money.

Somehow, he just never managed to go back to working alone...

Character's personality: Eliot is angry all the time. His temper is hot and extremely dangerous. Fortunately, he is also a master of control. Although he can be prodded to frustration and annoyance fairly easily, it takes a concerted effort to drive him to all out anger. Once that happens, all hell breaks loose.

Early on, Eliot learned to channel his massive temper into controlled, directed bursts of violence used for a purpose. In spite of his early years as an assassin, he now prefers to leave his opponents alive whenever possible. That doesn't mean he won't hesitate to kill if he feels he has to in order to survive or to protect someone he cares for.

The list of people he cares about is short. His team, Nate, Parker, Sophie, and Hardison top the list. He is also known to have a nephew that he keeps track of, although it is unknown if the boy is the child of a sister or brother. Eliot does not see him often.

His word is his bond. It takes quite a lot to impress Eliot and even more to earn his trust. Once his trust is earned, he would follow you right into the gates of Hell if necessary.

He is an animal lover and extremely protective of children. He is an enthusiastic, master level chef and a connoisseur of French champagne.

He does not like guns, although he is an expert in their use. He is also highly intelligent, although he plays his intelligence down in most situations. Being underestimated, more often than not, plays to his advantage.

Skills: Eliot is a weapons expert. He can handle, shoot, and identify by the sound of the shot, every firearm currently used in military action. He can use knives in hand-to-hand combat as well as throwing projectiles. He is a master of a variety of military fighting styles such as Israeli Army combat methods and martial arts including, but not limited to, having a 7th Degree Black Belt in Kenpo Karate, a 5th Degree Black Belt in Aikido.

He can pick a lock in a pinch, but greatly prefers the more expedient method of simply kicking the door open. He is a skilled conman and liar. Eliot is an avid horseback rider. He is also a skilled mechanic, owning both a Harley Davidson motorcycle as well as a 2009 Dodge Challenger.

Mistrustful of food processing methods and companies, he also prefers to grow his own food.

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